Ear Falls
Public School
Phone: (807) 222-3777
Fax: (807) 222-2207

Jennifer Olsen, Principal

Barbara Van Diest, Vice-Principal
40 Spruce Street
PO Box 760
Ear Falls, ON
P0V 1T0
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About Us



~ Home of the Wolves ~

"Learning Today Leading Tomorrow"

Ear Falls Public School believes in:

  • Hard work
  • Ownership of actions and behaviours
  • We are a family of learners
  • Trying our best (taking risks)
  • We are all unique and learn in different ways

Ear Falls Public School Students and Staff are:

  • Honest and Respectful
  • Resilient
  • Creative and Curious
  • Concerned About Others
  • Determined

Our Story:

Ear Falls Public School is an elementary school. Our school serves the communities of Ear Falls and Wabauskang First Nations. The school has a population of 127 Students, with 10 Teachers, 6 Educational Assistants, 1 Principal, 1 Teaching Vice-Principal, 1 Librarian and 1 Administrative Assistant. We are supported by 2 Caretakers and 1 Maintenance Person as well as Board and Community Partners. Our student population comes from a wide socio-economic background. Our school offers many programs to engage students. 

See the Staff and Class Links Page for more information to contact Staff Members.